Religious Education Teachers

 2020-2021 Religious Education Teachers

Grade Venue Teacher Information
1st Murtha Hall OLOS    
2nd & 3rd Murtha Hall OLOS Jennifer Shea [email protected]
4th & 5th Murtha Hall OLOS Erin Chapman [email protected]
6th Murtha Hall, OLOS Lana Bargnesi [email protected]
7th Murtha Hall, OLOS Margaret Jacaruso [email protected]
8th Class A Murtha Hall, OLOS Charles Valentino

[email protected]  860-526-210

8th Class B Murtha Hall, OLOS Charlene Janecek [email protected]  
9th Class A Murtha Hall, OLOS

Paul Brucker 

[email protected]            860-767-3047

9th Class B Murtha Hall, OLOS Matt Cooper

matt,[email protected]    860-304-2671

In compliance with Safe Environment regulations, information of Junior teachers are not provided.
Those parents can directly contact Joyce Leach. 

Please contact Director of Religious Education Joyce Leach at 860 227 8778 or [email protected]
with questions regarding CCD registration and general information.