Altar Society

The main function of the Altar Society is to keep the sanctuary and sacristy clean and in proper working order. Members maintain church supplies such as hosts, wine, candles, charcoal, incense, Holy water, etc. They take care of the sanctuary by cleaning and ironing clothes, arranging flowers, changing candles, removing wax, polishing brass, oiling wood panels, etc. In preparation for the Mass, they clean the sacred vessels and place all necessary items in the sanctuary. Items are brought back to the sacristy after Mass. They clean the liturgical vestments and sew baptismal bibs and stoles. Working with the pastor, they prepare for special liturgies such as Christmas and Holy Week.

For Altar Society at St. Joseph's church Please contact Cindy Walsh at altarsocietychester@stocpct.org.

For Altar Society at Our Lady of Sorrows church Please contact Kathy McCaffrey at altarsocietyessex@stocpct.org.