Book Club

The Book Club is currently in its 10th year. We meet monthly at 7 P.M. except for July and August, though we also read a selection over the Summer for discussion when we resume in September. Monthly reading is usually limited to 200 to 225 pages; longer books are ordinarily spread over more than one meeting. In addition to fiction(e.g., Death Comes for the Archbishop, The Screw tape Letters, The Diary of a Country Priest) and non-fiction (e.g., The Long Loneliness, Story of a Soul, Our Lady of Kibbeh), we have read each of the four Gospels from both it spiritual and literary viewpoints. 

We also read and discussed two papal encyclicals, Pope Francis' Lumen Fidel and Laudat Si. Meetings are usually held on the 4th Thursday of each month, and they are very informal and friendly. Monthly selection are also listed in the parish bulletin. If you enjoy discussing books and other reading materials, you may want to give the Book Club a try, Family and friends are also welcome. 

Book Club Contact: Bill Collier at bookclub@stocpct.org.