Strength and Tone

This ministry is suitable for all ages, sizes and physical conditions since the movement can be modified to meet everyone’s needs.  The exercises are designed to activate the feet, legs, arms and hands, back, neck region, eyes and brain and will improve circulation, deliver more oxygen to the cells and gradually increase mobility, enhance brain function and improve balance.  Movement is done from a chair and standing while using the chair for support and balance.  All movements can be done from a seated position as well which makes this accessible if you have difficulty with mobility or use a wheelchair or walker.  It is recommended that you wear clothing that is easy to move in and to avoid eating two hours before class or eat a light meal as needed. 

Strength and Tone class is offered in Murtha Hall on Tuesdays at 1 PM and classes are listed in the bulletin each week.  All are welcome to attend!

Contact Karen DiRenzo at strengthandtone@stocpct.org.