Helping Hands

Helping Hands

Helping Hands is a ministry for the sick, homebound, and isolated parishioners. It is an outreach ministry by the parish to the senior parishioners in gratitude for their dedication and involvement in our parish. Volunteers of this ministry, as liaisons of the parish, remain as connecting links between the parishioners and the parish. They visit the seniors and help them to be in touch with the pastor and parish ministries. 


Bill Jacaruso

Carol Cancelliere

Cathy Nankee

Chris Mularski

Cindy Niedbala

Cindy Power

David Collins

Sherrill Collins

Dennis O’Connor

Humbert Polito

Jeff Nelson

Jody Lech

John Paholski

Angie Paholski

Katherine Pechinski

Lisa Cippola

Lorraine Maloney

Sandy Normandin

Sue Jones

Susan Baker