Music Ministers serve the community by helping to lead the assembly in song during the liturgy. Cantors announce music, invite the assembly to sing and provide a sense of pitch and rhythm. Instrumentalists are musicians who support singing of the assembly and enhance the prayer of the Church.

Soloists are those singers who share their gift of song with the assembly by supplementing the community’s voice with harmonization and musical artistry.  The soloist generally assists the cantor in the singing of the psalm and Gospel Acclamation and adds harmonies and/or descants when appropriate.

Contact Wendy Hummel, music director of St. Joseph's church at 860 559-9807 or musicchester@stocpct.org.


Contact Irene Listorti, music director of Our Lady of Sorrows church at 860 388-9884 or musicessex@stocpct.org.

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