CCD Parents Forum

The Parent Forum is a ministry which seeks to create a partnership between CCD Parents and church leaders in order to cultivate a closer knit parish family. The goal of the Forum is to bring us closer together by providing opportunities for participation in organized social and church related activities. It is also our desire to expand on volunteer opportunities for children to help them make the connection between faith and serving the community. As primary faith trainers in our children's lives, it is important that we as parents take an active role by encouraging their participation in these types of activities. help us grow this ministry by getting actively involved! 

Our meeting occurs once monthly usually on Sunday evenings. The meetings involve an information but productive exchange of ideas and planning around upcoming projects/events. In addition to CCD Parents, we also welcome participation from other parish members with a shared interest in supporting these fruitful activities. 

Please contact Rose Ann Calegari at parentsforum@stocpct.org.