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Ray Dalio Warns of Potential Civil War, Advises Moving Assets Abroad

Billionaire investor Ray Dalio warns that the likelihood of a second American Civil War is greater than one in three, urging investors to consider moving part of their assets abroad.

Understanding Pentecost: A Celebration of the Holy Spirit in the Catholic Tradition

Let's explore this important feast and discover how Catholics can prepare for and celebrate it.

Did you know the Catholic Church has a birthday?

Happy birthday to the Catholic Church! Happy birthday to you, who are the body of the Church!

Discovering the Heart of Love: Pope Francis Shares Wisdom on Charity

On Wednesday, May 15, at St. Peter's Square, Pope Francis spoke to the faithful about the deepest form of Christian love: charity. He called it the "culmination" of the virtues we hold dear. "Love is charity," the Pope emphasized, highlighting how it's tied to our connection with God.

Catholic Bishops Call for Civil Dialogue Amid Church Polarization

Three Catholic bishops warned of a growing ideological polarization within the Church and emphasized the need for civil dialogue among those with disagreements during a livestreamed panel discussion on Tuesday afternoon.

Pope Francis Emphasizes Charity as the Pinnacle of Christian Love

During his general audience on Wednesday, Pope Francis reflected on charity, which he described as the "culmination" of the theological virtues. He emphasized that charity is the highest expression of Christian love, rooted in truth and highlighted by forgiveness.

Come Holy Spirit! The Whole Church Needs Pentecost

On Pentecost the early followers of Jesus gathered as their Lord had instructed them, expecting the fulfillment of the promise he had made to send the Holy Spirit. We refer to Pentecost as the birthday of the missionary church for a good reason. Their encounter with the Holy Spirit in the Upper Room changed them.

Our Lady of Fatima asks the same thing of us today

In a solemn Mass commemorating the feast day of Our Lady of Fatima at the revered shrine in Portugal, Cardinal Juan Jose Omella echoed the timeless message delivered by the Virgin Mary over a century ago. As the Archbishop of Barcelona and a former president of the Spanish Bishopsâ� Conference, Cardinal Omella's words resonated deeply with the faithful gathered at the shrine.

Prayer to St. Gabriel, for Others: Prayer of the Day for Friday, May 10, 2024

O loving messenger of the Incarnation, descend upon all those for whom I wish peace and happiness. Spread your wings over the cradles of the new-born babes, O thou who didst announce the coming of the Infant Jesus. Give to the young a lily petal from the virginal scepter in your hand. Cause the Ave Maria to re-echo in all hearts that they may find grace and joy through Mary. Finally, recall the sublime words spoken on the day of the Annunciation-- "Nothing is impossible with God," and ...

Questions for Reflection for May 11, 2024 HD

Find the Daily Readings for these Questions here: https://www.catholic.org/bible/daily_reading/?select_date=2024-05-11 Catholic Online School: Free World Class Catholic Education for Anyone, Anywhere https://www.catholiconline.school/ Catholic Online: World's Catholic Library https://www.catholic.org/ Catholic Online Shopping: World's Catholic Store https://catholiconline.shopping/ Catholic Online Learning Resources: Free Printable Educational Resources for Students, Parents, and ...