April 2020 archive of Blog

April 2020 archive of Blog


Posted by Arul Rajan Peter on 4/30/20

It has been a long-standing Catholic tradition to honor the Blessed Virgin Mary in May. The tradition dates back to the ancient Greeks who dedicated this month to Artemis, the goddess of fertility. In May, Romans honored Flora, the goddess of blossoms. In the Middle Ages (11th century) the ... Read More »

How are you?

Posted by Arul Rajan Peter on 4/26/20

How are you? It is a simple greeting. Many a time we walk by without waiting for the answer. Now the connotation of this greeting has become serious and profound. Nowadays ‘How are you?’ means ‘you had me worried;’ ‘I am truly concerned about your health;’ ‘I pray for ... Read More »

My Homily - Divine Mercy Sunday

Posted by Arul Rajan Peter on 4/18/20

“Peace be with you!” Every time Jesus appeared after his resurrection; this was his message.I too say to you, “Peace be with you!” Thomas wanted to see Jesus. Jesus appeared. It would be too simplistic to think that Thomas saw Jesus and that is why he believed. We should ... Read More »

My homily - Easter

Posted by Arul Rajan Peter on 4/12/20

Mary Magdalene went to the tomb to anoint the body of Jesus. She wondered who would move the tomb stone. She was sorrowful and hopeless. She searched for a dead body and feared that her journey would come up against a stone. But to her astonishment, the stone had ... Read More »

My homily -Easter Vigil

Posted by Arul Rajan Peter on 4/11/20

In the beginning, God said: Let there be light, and there was light. From early Christian times, fires and lights served important functional and symbolic roles in the Easter Vigil. Not only did lamps, candles, and torches light up the darkness, but they also served as symbols of Christ. ... Read More »

My Homily - Good Friday

Posted by Arul Rajan Peter on 4/10/20

The globe looks like a massive drop of tear. The tearful world is at the foot of the Cross, gazing at the embodiment of love, hanging between heaven and earth. Humanity looks through the Suffering Servant into eternity, seeking response for several unanswered questions. As it looks around, it ... Read More »

My homily - Holy Thursday

Posted by Arul Rajan Peter on 4/09/20

You can see me. I am unable to see you. Spatially we are distanced. But timewise we are instant. You virtually participate in this Mass. Yet, I cannot give you communion. So, leaving space and time behind, let us go back to that place and time, when Jesus took ... Read More »

My Homily - Palm Sunday

Posted by Arul Rajan Peter on 4/03/20

We celebrate this Mass with your virtual participation. People of Jerusalem welcomed the son of David in person. Last year you were here in the church to welcome the Son of God spiritually. This year we welcome Jesus Christ in our hearts, households, parish, our country and the world ... Read More »


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