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Easter Message

Dear Parishioner,
Love and greetings from Fr. Peter!

During these ‘pandemic’ days, we have been speaking so much about “Light at the end of the tunnel.” That light signifies life and the same light gives hope. Life and hope are blissfully mingled in the Paschal candlelight. The resounding of the proclamation ‘The light of Christ’ resonates in thousands of churches and millions of joyful hearts in the world. 

 Light dispels darkness. Can one encounter darkness while searching it with light? We ought not to be hopeless. We do see the light and are enlightened. We should see through the light to find the joy and peace existing yonder.

 This ‘mail chimp’ comes to you with a positive message: Happy Easter! The Risen Christ gave hope, joy, and peace. God has given us that hope by privileging us to be the first ones to have access to the vaccination. Let us be hopeful, joyful, and peaceful.

After Easter, I hope the ‘normal’ parish life will be resumed with many of our ministries coming back to life. To put the wheels into motion, we begin a new mission called “Video Chat.” In these video clips, I will interview representatives of various ministries to enable our parishioners to know more about our volunteers and the dimensions of our ministries.

 Titles will be “Video Chat with our Deacons;” “Video Chat with Caring Hearts;” “Video Chat with our CCD Teachers;” “Video Chat with our Seniors” etc. Immediately after Easter “Video Chat” will be published on our parish Website and Facebook. I encourage you to view them and give your comments.

 The Holy week is in the offing. All services will be live-streamed. I invite you to take part in the services in person or online.

 Happy Easter! May God bless you! May the risen Christ shed His light, joy, and peace upon you!
Fr. Arul Rajan Peter


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