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From one Catholic to another

Apr 25, 2019

Recently I preached about the impact of Clergy sex Scandal on our people. In response to that a parishioner gave me a letter. The letter reflects a heart and the words reveal earnestness. 

I wish that you read the letter and come with your thoughts and suggestions. Please click to read the full letter.



  • Marsha RollinsonPosted on 5/22/19

    I so enjoyed Fr Peter's homily of March 24th. For me it brings to mind, let those free from sin cast the first stone and that God is our judge on Judgement day. The letter Fr Peter received was very moving. Forgiveness is not easy but it does free us to live a happier life. It is wonderful that the letter writer was able to receive in his dream, the message that his brother had received God's Mercy and that all was right, with God and his brother.

  • Edward McCaffreyPosted on 4/27/19

    If Father Peter's homily can inspire someone to write an inspiring personal letter, then it follows that Fr. Peter's message can inspire others -- PLEASE go to the videos on this web site and watch Fr. Peter's March 24 homily.



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