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God smiled at Time

God smiled at Time;
A New Year was born.

God wrote with His finger:
“Wish you a ‘Healthy’ New Year.”

Like ‘Office 365’ this is ‘Life 365;’
Unlike ‘Office 365’
this is not purchased; but gifted.

We receive with gratitude this ‘Gift of life’
from the Creator;
We welcome with confidence various Vaccines
from the ingenuity of humans; and
We muster up our hopefulness for hearty future
from all hearts in the world.

Last year 1.8 million died of Covid-19.
We are still here.
We are still here for a purpose.

God has presented us
with the diary of 365 pages.
Every page is white and blank
to be written by us; by our deeds.

Write not on the pages
with red ink of blood;
nor use strikethrough blunders;
Fill them with sanitized words connoting
accomplished and upcoming goodness.

Our purpose is to go forward
with hopeful hearts and humane-embracing actions;
through the threshold of obscurity into clarity;
from the virus stained past into wellness welling future;
against the hostile arrows of violence emitted by fanaticism;
above human-made hatred, discrimination and all negativities;
toward love, peace, justice and Godliness.

God is smiling at us.
Echo that ‘smile’ through the world;
and fill the ‘Global Village’ with the vaccine of love.

Healthy New Year!


Fr. Arul Rajan Peter


  • Vicky BartolomeiPosted on 1/03/21

    Beautifully written and thought provoking. We have a blank tablet in front of us- God's gift- to be filled with gratitude, love and good deeds. Happy New Year, Father.

  • Jo Ann DongweckPosted on 1/01/21

    Isn't it nice to think of God smiling at us! It's something I never thought of and is quite comforting. Maybe we can smile back.



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