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On the Feast of Christ the King

As we celebrate the Solemnity of Our Lord Jesus Christ, King of the Universe, there are many people in our world who would not accept Jesus Christ as their king. We, Christians do accept Christ as our king. It is a matter of faith. How do we understand Christ as our king and the king of the universe?

Kings and Kingdoms! If we turn our glance through the time before Christ, we come across several kings and kingdoms. Considering the summit of those kingdoms, as we go back in time, the Roman kingdom in the 100s, the Greek kingdom in the 300s, the Persian kingdom in the 550s, the Israel kingdom in the 1000s, the Nubians and the Indian and kingdom in the 1500s, the Babylonian kingdom in the 1800s, the Assyrian kingdom in the 1900s, the Chinese kingdom in the 2100s, the Egyptian kingdom in the 2500s, the Akkadian kingdom in the 2330s and the Sumerian kingdom in the 3500s flash in our minds.

Two salient factors that cannot escape our observation of each king and his kingdom are these: space and time. Every king and his kingdom had a limit in terms of space and time. For instance, Nebuchadnezzar II of Babylon’s space was in and around the Tigris-Euphrates basin and he reigned for 67 years. King David ruled the United Kingdom of Israel for about 40 years.

The modern kings – the presidents and prime ministers – also have a limitation of space and time: a politically defined country and a span of ruling time, such as 5 years or 8 years. A ruler of a country today reigns over the citizens of his prescribed territory for a limited span of time.

Is there any domain that is bigger than these political entities? Yes. Pope Francis is the leader of the Catholic church. His domain is much larger because Catholics live in all the countries. His time is his life time. Dalai Lama is an accepted leader of thousands of Buddhists living in various countries.

I am a Catholic priest as well as a citizen of the USA. As a citizen, I have certain privileges and confines. As a Catholic priest my space is much larger: I can say Mass in any part of the world if there is a Catholic church. When I die, I cease to be a citizen of this country. As a faithful I will enter a domain which is the mystical body of Christ and the communion of saints.

Now bring Christ the King into the picture. The kingship of Christ encompasses all the universe including heaven and the purgatory.

A president of a country can rule neither over those who had died a 100 years past nor those who would be born a 100 years later. But Christ the king has no time limits. He reigns over the living, the dead and the generations to come.

We belong to this kingdom. All come under His kingship. Politically, culturally, socially, economically and religiously different peoples are united under Christ’s kingship. His will is being done in the lives of all, in all structures, through all rulers of the world.

Be joyful because we belong to the kingdom of love. Be strong because our King is omnipotent. Be fearless because through world rulers ultimately will of God is accomplished. Be peaceful because the prince of peace keep us in His providence!


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