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Our New Parish - One Parish with Two Churches

Since July 1, 2019, St. Teresa of Calcutta Parish, duly established according to Church and State laws, has two churches namely St. Joseph’s Church, Chester and Our Lady of Sorrows Church, Essex. 

How are we, the people of God, going to run one parish with two worship sites or churches? This structure is new to us. Until now we have been two distinct parishes with its own history, traditions and ways of ministerial and spiritual life. Now we are called to amalgamate all these elements into one united parish.

This newness is like new wine; we need new wineskin. Together we need to invent that new structure which can accommodate all our past goodness, present aspirations and future ideals. This is going to be a long and laborious process. Now let us put the wheels into motion.

Our parish is entrusted to the patronage of St. Teresa of Calcutta. Her life, dedicated service, and teachings are given to us as a faith model to imitate.

In the two worship sites in Chester and Essex we will continue to keep the same Mass schedule. We already have one parish council. Very soon other committees will be formed with members from both churches.

As we run two separate churches, each church will have its own altar society, altar servers, lectors, eucharistic ministers, sick ministry volunteers and ushers. Schedules for these ministries will remain separate for the sake of convenience and order. However, altar servers, lectors and eucharistic ministers may be asked to serve in either churches when they attend Mass.  

Now we have one corporation, one bank account with all assets and liabilities brought under the same corporation. This fiscal year began on July 1 and so last fiscal year financial reports will be given in each church in the near future.

From now on please make your checks payable to St. Teresa of Calcutta Parish or STOC. Kindly give joyously and generously as your contribution is vital to the subsistence of our parish. You may also use online giving by going to our website

I invite all of you to pray and stay together. Every parish is constructed. With the gracious guidance of God and our commitment let us build up our parish!


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