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Happy Easter! May God shower on you the choicest blessings of joy and peace!

Normal life is sprouting out in our society and church. As nature greets Spring with smiles of greens and flowers, we should welcome this budding new life with proper preparations. People thirst for gatherings, socials, celebrations, and interpersonal conversations.   

But since we still await civil and ecclesiastical ‘nod’ for in-person social interaction, our dependence on online communication prolongs. To reintroduce our parish ministries and volunteers to our parishioners, we have begun the ‘Video Chat.’

‘Video Chat’ is a video clip in which I interview representatives of each ministry. They speak about themselves and various aspects of the ministry. The 15 minutes video clips will be posted on our parish website and Facebook.

The first video clip is my interview with deacon Larry and deacon Bill. Eventually more ‘Video Chats’ such as ‘Video Chat’ with ‘Caring Hearts;’ ‘Video Chat’ with Religious Education teachers; ‘Video Chat’ with ‘Prayer Shawl Ministry;’ ‘Video Chat’ with our Seniors etc. will be posted.

I invite everybody to watch them and give their feedback. You can respond through our website, Facebook, personal emails or phone calls. I hope this will help parishioners to know about our ministries and enable more participation.

I am looking forward to being in touch with you and seeing you in person soon.



 Fr. Arul Rajan Peter


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