My homily on March 28, 2020

Posted by Arul Rajan Peter on 3/28/20

We are in the house of the living God, the author of life. Now the vital question for human race today is “To be or not to be!”. Coronavirus affects 199 countries and territories around the world. The two most populous countries are in the grip of Coronavirus. Many ... Read More »

My homily on March 21, 2020

Posted by Arul Rajan Peter on 3/26/20

I am here in our church, in the presence of God with our deacons, to offer this Mass for everyone, especially for our parishioners. The whole world is spinning around the fear, anxiety and concern of Coronavirus, as it has become the center of gravity in our lives. In ... Read More »

Lenten Fish Fry Dinners

Posted by Arul Rajan Peter on 2/20/20

Lent is fast approaching; So also, are the Fish Fry dinners!Fish symbolized Christ in the early church.Fish was a secret symbol to recognize churchesand believers during persecution times.

In our parish, Fish Fry Dinner has becomeone of the highlights of Lent.

Our parishioners come together to organize.Volunteers come together ... Read More »

Being in the place where they lived - In Assisi

Posted by Arul Rajan Peter on 2/14/20

Without St. Francis, Assisi city would virtually have been unknown to the world. The very truth that Francis was born and lived here highly elevates it; spiritually enhances it; and infuses this city with the eternal power to attract millions of pilgrims.

When we entered Assisi, a dusky foggy ... Read More »

Being in the Place where They lived

Posted by Arul Rajan Peter on 12/06/19

On November 4, 2019 night was still young when Norwegian Air 787 Dreamliner took off from JFK Airport, NY. I was sandwiched between Fr. Albin Roby and Fr. Percy Joseph as the plane was lifting us above the clouds toward Europe. Traveling with a group of 37 Catholics from ... Read More »

Confirmation Students and Parents meeting

Posted by Arul Rajan Peter on 10/27/19

Murtha Hall was graced with the presence of Confirmation students and their parents on Sunday October 20th evening. Fr. Peter, Director of Religious Education Joyce Leach and teacher Paul Brucker welcomed them all. All parents were there except one who had been sick. The purpose of the meeting was ... Read More »

Catholic - A 'Universal Christian'

Posted by Arul Rajan Peter on 9/29/19

I have heard people saying, “S/he is not a practicing Catholic; but s/he is a true Christian.” Implication of this statement leads to this question: Is a Catholic Christian or not? Catholic Church’s roots trace back their origin to the very beginning of Christianity. The Church is built on ... Read More »

Above the clouds

Posted by Arul Rajan Peter on 9/13/19

My first airplane journey was in 1990 from Chennai to Singapore. From inside the aircraft I could feel the thuds of rain fall. Flashes of lightning and peals of thunder shattered the atmosphere. As the plane was taking off, my verbalized gut feeling was ‘what if it falls?’. The ... Read More »

Our New Parish – Our Patron Saint

Posted by Arul Rajan Peter on 8/30/19

Someone asked me, “What is a patron Saint?” A patron saint is a canonized saint designated to a parish, region or country as a special intercessor with God and the proper advocate. The practice of adopting patron saints goes back to the building of the first public churches in ... Read More »

Back to School

Posted by Arul Rajan Peter on 8/23/19

Teachers, parents, and students are already on their ‘back to school’ preparations. Business firms seem to be more excited than anybody else:  “You are one in a million – make your school bag truly yours.” “Head – to – toe fashion.” “Find wear-on-repeat faves and sweet first-day looks.” “We’ve ... Read More »


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