Religious Education Schedule

2019-2020 CCD Vacation Schedule

2019-2020 Class Schedule (Classes begin the week of September 15th )

Grade Day Time Teacher Venue
1  Monday 4.30 PM Katie Precourt Murtha Hall OLOS
2 Monday 4.30 PM Victoria O'Brien Murtha Hall OLOS
3 Monday 4.30 PM Betty D'Amato Murtha Hall OLOS
4 Monday 4.30 PM Kaylee Costa Murtha Hall OLOS
5 Sunday 5,30 PM Caroline Hutchinson and Mia Alio  Murtha Hall OLOS
6 Wednesday 5.00 PM Diana Marchese Murtha Hall OLOS
7 Sunday 6.30 PM Myah Martinez and Margaret Jacaruso Murtha Hall OLOS
8 Class A Monday 6.30 PM Charles Valentino Murtha Hall OLOS
8 Class B Wednesday 6.00 PM Matt Cooper Murtha Hall OLOS
9 Class A Sunday 6.30 PM Paul Brucker Murtha Hall OLOS
9 Class B Monday 6.30 PM Patrick Jonynas Murtha Hall OLOS

Please note that the MONDAY 8th and 9th grade classes will meet at OLOS and not St. Joe's and will remain 6:30.

Wed. 8th grade and Sunday 9th grade will remain the same, at OLOS. This will still give the students an option of day and time.
Except that they will all meet at OLOS

 Please contact Director of Religious Education Joyce Leach at 860 227 8778 or [email protected]
with questions regarding CCD registration and general information. 

For CCD Registration Form click on the link:  Online Form